3 Things you can learn from Black Friday!

As usual, I have watched the Black Friday campaigns with interest and awe. How has an
event attached to a US-based holiday become a staple; no that doesn’t even begin to do
it justice – a frenzied necessity, in the United Kingdom and indeed, around Europe?
When did Thanksgiving become a thing for us non-pilgrims?

It got me thinking about strategy (it always seems to come down to strategy for me, lol)
and as I pondered the growth and acceptance of this brilliant marketing ploy, I
wondered what I could extract and serve my clients who are starting or running their
own businesses.

My takeaways are:

  1. Understand the emotional drivers of your ideal customer. What are they
  2. Looking for? People will pay for that thing that meets a need / fulfils a strong
    want / offers a ‘how’.
  3. Deliver value again and again. The savings offered in the sales event are
    always significant. It ensures that potential buyers feel they are justified in
    snapping up the offer because it is so good.
  4. Ensure the experience is enjoyable and effortless. The marketing campaigns
    have all been carefully designed and executed. The build-up has been gradual but persistent.
    The shopping experience is seamless. After-sales delivery and
    service is timely and professional. Help your customers to come back to
    you again and again because it felt so good the first time.
    I hope these tips are helpful as you deliver on your strategy and grow your business.
    Don’t keep it to yourself. Share it with someone else.

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Uzo x

Uzo Ijewere is Principal Consultant at Augment Business Coaching. She is a Strategy Coach and Emotional Intelligence practitioner. She helps overwhelmed high-achievers get focused, realise your worth, and achieve more freedom. Augment offers strategy sessions, one-to-one coaching and group mentoring services.

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