Optimise individual and Team performance
Has employee performance been affected by working from home? Research is showing that honestly, it’s too early to know whether
digital media overload
  Speaking to clients and friends, I have noticed that the news is leading to increased anxiety.   Whilst it's
  Anxiety, stress, overwhelm. These can all be by products of overthinking things.   If you sometimes catch yourself overthinking
Working from home
  Are you moving forwards or backwards?   You cannot change the past. Past mistakes, past experiences or past actions.
Have you heard of Sir Isaac Newton?   Newton was quarantined as a university student because London was shut down
Working from home
  Nine years ago, with a four-year-old and a six-month-old, I made the decision to consult from home and it
remote delegation and teamwork
  It is easy to get stuck in a cycle of working hard, doing all you can, making decisions, steering
Picture by Rawpixel on Unsplash By Uzo Ijewere, Augment Results.   It’s the end of the year; indeed, the end
by Uzo Ijewere - Augment Results   How often are you accomplishing everything you need to get done in each
workshop diverse women retreat
You’re faced with a great opportunity. Landing this deal could mean a 150% increase in your company’s revenue. You’ve heard
Resilient Entrepreneur
Guest Post by Ekua Cant.   It is only natural to be fearful about starting a new venture or business.
building habits that stick
    Behavioural change is a hot topic. You’ll find a lot about it on the internet, and not all