PACE Leadership Programme



This three to six-month highly effective and affordable programme will build on and optimise your management and leadership skills, helping you achieve your professional goals and deliver results for your organisation.

Programme Overview

Training modules on: 

  • Personal Development – Review & Assessment, Goals & Planning, and Implementation
  • Leading and Managing People and Teams
  • Emotional Intelligence and Effective Communication
  • Critical Thinking and Decision Making
  • Increase your Visibility


You will enjoy scheduled 1-2-1 coaching sessions each month to support you in your learning journey, and ensure you are applying it in your day-to-day.


  • Unlimited email and text support over the period.
  • Unscheduled 15 minute calls are available with your coach to support you with any immediate concerns and challenges you are facing within the workplace.
  • The entire programme is tailored to your business needs and the objectives you wish to achieve.


Who You Are


A newly appointed or established business leader or business owner, wanting to further develop and improve your leadership skills as a whole, or key areas within our leadership framework.  


What You Want

Maybe you need help with boosting your career or up scaling your business. You are self-aware and want to further understand
your strengths and weaknesses in order to identify gaps for further development. You may need help with retaining or building those
important relationships with your team or existing clients. You are ambitious and results driven yet have a strong desire to lead your team in a way that inspires, empowers and engages them to be more effective.  


What You Get


Working to the PACE framework, you will develop managerial effectiveness, a more authentic leadership style, as well as learn strategies to manage the human dynamic and internal politics of your workplace.

At senior leadership levels, your likeability and ability to inspire and motivate others is very important. Together we work on your Emotional Intelligence to help you develop the next generation of leaders.

Stress management is a key component of maintaining superior performance. We develop techniques to help you manage the stress that can come with the demands and challenges of leadership.

This three to six-month programme will work on your perspective with existing challenges and help you find solutions to take immediate action within your day-to-day working environment.  

We assess your current situation, challenges, strengths and weakness; decide KPI’s and measures of success; develop processes and strategies to modify existing behaviour, and develop action plans at each stage, which you are held accountable for.

In the final stage, we evaluate the effectiveness of change, measures of success and design the way forward.



Uzo ‘s enthusiasm, strong expertise in all matters business and her passion for people make her an excellent life and business coach. I have come away from each session feeling more emotionally empowered, clear-sighted about the next steps for my business and confident that I can and will succeed. Uzo has been a very positive cheer-leader in this leg of my life. I can confidentially say that she will make a lasting and positive difference in the life of any individual and business that she is invited to work alongside.

Antoinette Daniel, Director, Just Helpers