Augment Results is primarily focused on creating inclusive leadership in more organisations across the UK. By supporting the professional and personal development of people of colour, who as individuals, and within organisations want to achieve more balance/recognition/reward /skills, etc., we help to move the needle on ED&I (equality, diversity, and inclusion).



  • Are you a senior black professional who is tired of feeling the pressure of increased scrutiny and judgement as you rise in the ranks?


  • Do you finally want to deal with the traps of self-doubt and overwhelm you sometimes fall into?


  • Do you want to take charge of how others perceive you, and finally be seen, and heard?


  • Do you want to improve your leadership and management skills and knowledge, making you more effective in your role?


We can help. People are at the heart of our business. We focus on helping professionals reach their objectives and start to feel excited by work again.


For the organisations that employ these professionals, we help you attract and retain talent, position yourselves as companies that support ED&I (quality, diversity, and inclusion), and help you continue to deliver outstanding service to your broadest customer bases.


At Augment Results, our approach is based on proven frameworks. Our results-driven and measurable services are tailored to meet the needs of each client. Through a combination of workshop training, and 1 to 1, and or group coaching, we provide solutions that bring about rapid change.


We provide only certified executive coaches of colour, who have industry experience, and global exposure and therefore will align with your commercial strategy/professional ambitions, but can also offer a lived experience as well alternate perspectives.