• Trying to grow your business to the next level, but you aren't seeing the results

  • Feeling confused about what strategy to adopt and how to position your business or yourself

  • Making poor leadership and business decisions, and you don't understand why

  • Unconsciously limiting yourself and playing small


  • Build a business that delivers the overall vision you have, and makes the impact you want

  • Implement a strategy, systems, and processes that get you real results, and increase your bottom line

  • Achieve more time and financial freedom

  • Break the cycle of self-doubt and become more confident


If you’ve been in business for some time, you’ll know that it can be a challenge to maintain an aerial view of all the moving parts and ensure that you are remaining true to the overall strategy you are committed to delivering.

Maybe you’re at the early stages of your passion business where you’re trying to grow an idea you love. You may not even have a strategy or plan of where you want to get to, let alone, how you’re going to do it.

Or perhaps you have a senior position at an organisation and you’re feeling overwhelmed and as a result are going through a myriad of emotions – you feel like you’ve lost your passion, your confidence, you’re experiencing low self-esteem, questioning your judgement and are second-guessing yourself.


“It is important that we don’t lose our femininity; that we find a way to do what men do, but in a woman’s way.”  – Venturini Fendi


“Thanks to Uzo’s workshop, I have a better understanding of the lead generation process, and can define better who is my market and my target. She also helped me to visualise the different systems that I can put in place directly in my business for the different journeys of my customers.”

Marina Guilleux, MG Events

“Working with Uzo and going through her training courses on client attraction and strategy planning, has really broken down key components that my business needs in order to progress. By strategizing my mindset, market, and priorities and with Uzo’s help, I feel my business will excel at a faster pace.”

Charlotte Gurry-Wright, CC Curls by Charlotte

“I have worked with Uzo on several different projects. She is driven, focussed, very inspirational and achieves excellent results for her clients. If you are feeling a bit stuck, you need to speak to this lady – she will sort you out and you will be transformed!”

Janet Efere, Tadpole Training

I am Uzo Ijewere, Business Strategist, Mindset Coach and Speaker

Service-based professionals and entrepreneurs face many challenges and pressures.

Clients make objections to price, deliverables, “bedside manner”, and credibility. Competitors offer very similar services to yours, making it difficult to stand apart. It can be a struggle to educate your market on the need for your service. It’s also very challenging to grow an effective team. The list goes on.

We want you to remember that you don’t have to be the next Uber or Facebook. It’s more important to focus on making profits in your business. You do this by making decisions and taking action. Simple…but not always easy.

At Augment Results we help you serve your target audience with your skills and talents, make the impact and income you want and grow your business to new heights.

By working together to get clarity on what you should be spending your time and money on and mapping out a clear market strategy (focused on product, positioning, and pricing), and personal development strategy to improve your leadership skills, you are able to plan for and achieve sustainable growth.

We offer one on one coaching, group programmes, workshops and seminars and online resources.


“Uzo is an amazing coach! She helps you dig deeper and guides you in finding your purpose. She is very detail-focused and goal-oriented, she’s a great coach and one I would highly
recommend.” – Feyi Luther-Mbanugo, Wild Fresh


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