• Trying to achieve growth in your business, but you aren't seeing the desired results

  • Feeling confused about how to map out the most fulfilling and profitable career path within your organisation

  • Making poor leadership and management decisions, and you don't understand why

  • Unconsciously limiting yourself and playing small


  • Build a thriving business that delivers the overall vision you have, and makes the impact you want

  • Improve your leadership and management skills, advance your career and achieve your professional and personal goals

  • Make the time and space to focus on professional and personal development to boost effectiveness (in yourself or your team)

  • Achieve the recognition and position you deserve


In business, it can be a challenge as a Leader to maintain vigilant oversight of and remain focused on the overall vision and strategic objectives you have for your organisation. You might be in a rapid period of growth within your business where you’re scrambling to meet demands; at the early stages where you are trying to drive growth; or are an established business but are facing declining growth figures and looking to innovate. In all of these situations you will need skills and help to meet your vision.


Perhaps you are senior manager in an organisation, looking to better establish yourself / achieve promotion to the executive level or you are a high-potential employee who wants to develop the skills and confidence required to stop second-guessing yourself, and shatter all glass ceilings. You need the time and space to focus on professional and personal development, and a partner with whom to do this. 


“It is important that we don’t lose our femininity; that we find a way to do what men do, but in a woman’s way.”  – Venturini Fendi

“Thanks to Uzo’s workshop, I have a better understanding of the lead generation process, and can define better who is my market and my target. She also helped me to visualise the different systems that I can put in place directly in my business for the different journeys of my customers.”

Marina Guilleux, MG Events

“Working with Uzo and going through her training courses on client attraction and strategy planning, has really broken down key components that my business needs in order to progress. By strategizing my mindset, market, and priorities and with Uzo’s help, I feel my business will excel at a faster pace.”

Charlotte Gurry-Wright, CC Curls by Charlotte

“I have worked with Uzo on several different projects. She is driven, focussed, very inspirational and achieves excellent results for her clients. If you are feeling a bit stuck, you need to speak to this lady – she will sort you out and you will be transformed!”

Janet Efere, Tadpole Training

Hi, I'm Uzo Ijewere, Business Strategist and Coach

Business professionals and entrepreneurs, especially female Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) professionals face many challenges and pressures. Positioning yourself strategically for the long-term; continuously acquiring the skills required to keep growing; personal development along the way to ensure your managerial and leadership abilities are where they need to be, all while sometimes not being seen as a contender (being marginalised) can be difficult. 


At Augment Results we help you make the impact you deserve, develop strategies and processes to achieve your objectives, and improve your management and leadership skills to give you the confidence to get what you want.


We offer one on one coaching, group programmes, workshops and seminars.


“Uzo is an amazing coach! She helps you dig deeper and guides you in finding your purpose. She is very detail-focused and goal-oriented, she’s a great coach and one I would highly
recommend.” – Feyi Luther-Mbanugo, Wild Fresh


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