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Investing in EDI training can lead to a range of benefits for your organisation, including increased employee engagement, improved productivity, and reduced turnover.

How we can help you

We offer innovative EDI (Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion) training programmes designed to raise awareness, enhance subject matter vocabulary, and improve relationships through empathy.
Our programmes are designed to be highly interactive and engaging and we use a variety of methods to help your employees apply their knowledge to real-life situations. We offer ongoing support and resources to ensure that your employees continue to grow and develop their skills.
Did you know that in the UK, companies with diverse teams outperform their less diverse counterparts by 35%? However, despite the clear benefits of a diverse and inclusive workplace, 25% of UK employees report experiencing discrimination or bias at work. These numbers illustrate the critical importance of creating a work environment where all employees feel valued, respected, and included.
Our EDI training programs provide a comprehensive approach to creating a more inclusive workplace. We offer a range of courses designed to meet the specific needs of your organization, including:
All Staff EDI Training
Our training program helps participants gain an awareness of the legal framework covering EDI in the workplace and your organisations’ commitment to raising standards in these areas. Recognise unlawful discrimination and inappropriate behaviour and how to deal with occurrences if they arise. Understand internal mechanisms for reporting breeches and obtaining support.
Senior Management EDI Training
Recognise roles and responsibility to diversity and inclusion within the organisation. Consider how best to manage the culture and curb any inappropriate behaviour while managing relationships. Explore practical tools to assist leaders in being ‘present’ in your roles in this area.
One-Off Training Days
Focused on developing very specific skills gaps such as communication and emotional intelligence.

How AR work with you

Get Complimentary Consultation 
We start by getting to know you and your business. We want to understand your challenges, opportunities, and goals, so we can provide the best possible support.
Needs Assessment 
We'll work with you to identify the areas where you need the most help. We'll design a custom plan that addresses your specific needs and objectives.
Tailored Solutions 
We'll develop practical and actionable solutions that align with your business goals. We want to make sure that the solutions we provide are easy to implement and tailored to your unique needs.
Our main objective is to ensure that you / your team are fully engaged and invested in the coaching process. You'll work closely with your coach throughout process, who will support and tracking your development. You will feel empowered and confident as you apply the skills and knowledge you've gained through your coaching sessions.
Assessment and Review
Finally, we'll evaluate the progress you've made and identify areas where further support may be needed. We want to ensure that you have the skills and knowledge you need to continue achieving success.

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