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Our managerial EDI training empowers leaders in navigating the complex terrain of leadership, our training offers a bespoke journey, equipping them with the insights and tools necessary to lead inclusively.

Managerial Oversight & Strategic Action for Inclusive Culture


For managers navigating the complex terrain of leadership, our training offers a bespoke journey, equipping them with the insights and tools necessary to lead inclusively. Our managerial EDI training empowers leaders to…

  1. Recognise Your Role and Responsibility

Beyond exploring understanding, our training instils a profound recognition of the pivotal role managers play in driving diversity and inclusion within the organisation, and their teams. It’s not just about awareness; it’s about embracing a leadership responsibility that goes beyond the traditional realms of management.

  1. Gain Practical Tools 

Being ‘present’ in fostering diversity and inclusion requires practical tools. Our training provides these tools, ensuring that managers are equipped with tangible strategies to translate intentions into action. This is not theoretical; it’s a hands-on approach to making a real impact.

  1. Manage Culture, Language, and Behaviour

Culture, language, and inappropriate behaviour can be subtle yet powerful barriers to inclusivity. Our training provides managers with the knowledge and skills to navigate these complexities, learn best practise in managing inappropriate behaviours, and foster an environment where diverse voices are not just heard but valued.

  1. Master Your Messaging through Effective Communication

Communication is the linchpin of inclusive leadership. Our training goes beyond the basics, offering a deep exploration and practical exercises to master effective communication and messaging. This ensures that managers can articulate the values of inclusivity in a manner that resonates throughout the organisation.

  1. Achieve Personal Growth and Development

Beyond the organisational impact, our training recognises the personal journey of each manager. It serves as a platform for self-reflection, growth, and continual development, fostering leaders who are not just champions of diversity, but also lifelong learners committed to evolving their inclusive leadership capabilities.


Tailored Solutions for Your Unique Context

We understand that each organisation is unique. Our programmes are not one-size-fits-all; they are tailored to address the specific challenges and opportunities within your organisational context. 

By choosing our training, you are not just investing in a programme; you are investing in a customised roadmap for transformative growth through diversity and inclusion.

Our Approach

  1. Initial Consultation and Information gathering (feedback form/surveys/case studies to/from all staff and or managers).
  2. Data analysis to tailor the training session(s).
  3. Workshop(s).
  4. Feedback forms (collected in session) analysis and results report delivered to the organisation within two weeks post session.
  5. Optional support provided to managers (discounted one-off 1-2-1 behavioural coaching session).  

* Only available when Manager’s Training offer is purchased.

How We Support You

Leadership Development
EDI training for managers goes beyond compliance; it's an investment in leadership development tailored for the inclusive era. Armed with practical tools, managers emerge as champions of inclusive management, creating an environment where every team member can thrive and contribute to their full potential.
Conflict Resolution and Advanced Communication Skills
The ability to navigate conflicts arising from diverse perspectives is a critical skill for inclusive teams. EDI-trained staff possess advanced communication skills that enable open dialogues, fostering mutual understanding and unity among team members even in challenging situations.
Attracting and Retaining the Best Talent
Top talent seeks inclusive environments. People who are well-versed in EDI contribute to creating a workplace culture that not only attracts diverse talent but also retains high-calibre employees. This, in turn, fortifies your organisation's capacity to excel in a competitive marketplace.

How to Get Started with A.R.

Get Complimentary Consultation 
We start by getting to know you and your business. We want to understand your challenges, opportunities, and goals, so we can provide the best possible support.
Needs Assessment 
We'll work with you to identify the areas where you need the most help. We'll design a custom plan that addresses your specific needs and objectives.
Tailored Solutions 
We'll develop practical and actionable solutions that align with your business goals. We want to make sure that the solutions we provide are easy to implement and tailored to your unique needs.
Our main objective is to ensure that you / your team are fully engaged and invested in the coaching process. You'll work closely with your coach throughout process, who will support and tracking your development. You will feel empowered and confident as you apply the skills and knowledge you've gained through your coaching sessions.
Assessment and Review
Finally, we'll evaluate the progress you've made and identify areas where further support may be needed. We want to ensure that you have the skills and knowledge you need to continue achieving success.

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