About Augment Results

Diversity and Inclusion have been hot topics for the last decade. Yet, statistics show that the path to leadership for black professionals is still as difficult as it ever was. The needle is moving so slowly it may very well be broken.


Augment Results is on a mission to help black professionals become stronger leaders, stop working hard and start working smart, and better articulate your professional value to achieve the recognition and reward you deserve.


Our Vision is to contribute towards creating a more diverse leadership structure in the most successful organisations in Europe.


Our Values are important to us.

Communication – open, direct communication. If you can’t trust us to guide you, how can you implement the tactics we teach?  Uzo and her associates are direct, but always supportive. We call out unhelpful behaviour as well as skills gaps quickly so you can achieve change sooner.


Respect – lays the foundation for an inclusive culture and is fundamental to productivity and wellbeing, both of which we aim to promote.


Excellence – we aim to deliver excellence in all our work and require our clients to connect with their excellence as well.


Impact – our programmes are designed to deliver change and results that have a lasting impact. We want you to have the same effect on your career.

Founder and MD - Uzo Ijewere

uzo ijewere

I’m a leadership development expert, speaker, trainer, and certified coach. More than that, I am the biggest advocate for anyone I work with!


I founded Augment Results to help mid to senior-level black professionals show up at work the way they want to, have more influence and clout, and optimize their results, typically leading to promotion and pay increase within six months. I do this by improving leadership skillsets, breaking unhelpful patterns, and increasing assertiveness in those who choose to work with me. Once all this is in place, you will demonstrate your new level of credibility and leadership, leading to recognition and reward wherever you take your career.


I know what you’re going through. Following twelve years in-house, in front-office, client-facing, senior stakeholder management roles, I felt heavily the pressures of scrutiny and judgement, as well as overwhelm from ‘working hard’. I decided to take time off when my second child was born (something I hadn’t done with my first because of the fear of falling behind). I had to stop feeling like I was spinning out of control, constantly having to choose work over family. Worst of all, I felt like I wasn’t doing either particularly well!


I didn’t go back to corporate after maternity leave, I got some training, developed my leadership and management skills, and started a business. The business failed – I was 7 years ahead of my market! I get calls now asking me if I’m still offering the products and training that business offered. I learned so much in that time about entrepreneurial mindset, identifying and assessing opportunities, managing myself and my team, and marketing and selling myself and my vision.


It’s this practical approach to leadership and management that my clients find most valuable. Are you ready to create new results in your life?

Contact me on hello@augmentresults.com to assess if we’re a good fit to get you the results you are looking for.


With Augment Results you gain highly- experienced, certified professionals who develop and deliver a combination of training and coaching programmes tailored to the needs of each of our clients, to achieve both behavioural change and skill enhancement.