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Business Growth hinges on the risks you take and the changes you make. Let us help you take the right steps.

Power Up Strategy Sessions

Do you imagine big things for yourself or have you gotten used to settling?

Have you decided how and where to position yourself, or are you overwhelmed with all the choices available to you?

Are you delivering value to your audience and charging what you are worth or not?

Power Up Strategy sessions are designed to cut straight to the heart of your immediate challenges in your work and get you moving forward again quickly. In a virtual session, we will design an overall strategy aligned with your (re)discovered vision and set you on the path to achieving it.


P.A.C.E.TM Coaching Programme for Entrepreneurs

Are you looking to grow your business month on month?

Are you interested in boosting your personal power at the same time?

Would you like dedicated help and expertise advice on your sales, marketing, and communications?

You need P.A.C.E.TM

Over the course of 3 months I will help you:

  • Decide what is important for you and your business
  • Develop a strategy blueprint
  • Streamline your offering and revamp your marketing, sales and communications

and more…


Evoke Woman-Discovery Coaching Programme for High-Achievers.  

You’re in a high-pressure situation and juggling a lot of balls – carrying a lot of responsibility, working long hours, caring for everyone else, managing very little time for yourself. You’re feeling stuck / frustrated / overwhelmed and you can’t see how it’s ever going to change.

You want the space to set down the heavy burdens and rediscover yourself. You want to feel more in control and focused. You want to be happy again and not feel guilty.

Evoke Woman is the program for you.


Profit Academy–6 Week Mentoring Programme

This focused intensive programme offers 1-2-1 coaching calls and group training sessions to help you focus on the bottom line.

Over SIX weeks, I help you focus on growing your business by setting goals and taking action, eliminating distractions and time / money wasters, and quickly setting you up with strategies and systems for long-term growth.

Focusing on and providing expert advice in Sales, Marketing, Finances, Mindset, PR and Communications.

You will learn growth strategies to help your business compete effectively in your market, and learn from and enjoy all the benefits of a mastermind group formed of other business owners.



My one and two-day training workshops are aimed at delivering PERFORMANCE ENHANCING training with MEASURABLE RESULTS to you and/or your team.

Workshops & Seminars:
Power Up! – Galvanise Your Growth (1 day workshop)
Power Up Bites – 2 hour seminars focused on different business building and growth strategies.

+44 (0) 7710 689 910