The workshop with Uzo was excellent in setting out the processes and systems of a customer journey. It allowed us to realise the importance of the touch points, documenting and constantly analysing the journey. Thank you!

Alison Reeves, Co-Founder, Weave Marketing

Uzo ‘s enthusiasm, strong expertise in all matters business and her passion for people make her an excellent life and business coach. I have come away from each session feeling more emotionally empowered, clear sighted about the next steps for my business and confident that I can and will succeed. Uzo has been a very positive cheer-leader in this leg of my life. I can confidentially say that she will make a lasting and positive difference in the life of any individual and business that she is invited to work alongside.

Antoinette Daniel, Director, Just Helpers

I just wanted to say thank you Uzo. You were a key part in helping me build my confidence and encouraging me to understand  that I needed to grow as a person. This has led me to starting my own business.

Sheryl Baubin, Wife and Mother

Thanks to Uzo’s workshop, I have a better understanding of the lead generation process, and can define better who is my market and my target. She also helped me to visualise the different systems that I can put in place directly in my business for the different journeys of my customers.

Marina Guilleux, MG Events

Working with Uzo and going through her training courses on client attraction and strategy planning, has really broken down key components that my business needs in order to
progress. By strategizing my mindset, market, and priorities and with Uzo’s help, I feel my business will excel at a faster pace.

Charlotte Gurry-Wright, CC Curls by Charlotte

Uzo is one of the best facilitators I have had the pleasure to meet so far. She was very pleasant and controlled, and handled what can be a very difficult population very well. She was engaging and fun whilst staying very professional. I would love Uzo to deliver all the workshops to my stores. I’m very impressed.

Alex Wintermute, Group Dot Com Manager, Tesco PLC

I decided to work with Uzo as I had reached the stage when I needed to review and improve the packages I was offering to clients. I knew that with her business experience and
corporate background, Uzo would be an invaluable thought partner. Working with Uzo helped me gain more clarity to shape the products and services I offer my clients.
Furthermore, she enabled me to focus on the value that I’m able to deliver. I now have more confidence creating proposals for prospective clients, which reflect that value. Uzo is a very insightful and astute coach with a warm personality and direct approach which make her a pleasure to work with.

Nicki Lang, Director of Tela Films Ltd

I have worked with Uzo on several different projects. She is driven, focussed, very inspirational and achieves excellent results for her clients. If you are feeling a bit stuck, you need to speak to this lady – she will sort you out and you will be transformed!

Janet Efere, Tadpole Training

Uzo is an amazing coach! She helps you dig deeper and guides you in finding your purpose. She is very detail-focused and goal-oriented, she’s a great coach and one I would highly

Feyi Luther-Mbanugo, Wild Fresh

Thank you for doing it. It was wonderful and your delivery was amazing fun yet informative.

Sharniya Ferdinand, Business Growth Enabler, Natwest Plc

I was in a job that was making me very unhappy and unfulfilled. I had tried many different things for the last year and nothing worked. I was referred to Uzo and everything changed.
Uzo has an incredible ability to push you to be honest with yourself and take the practical steps to make changes. Her wealth of experience and knowledge allows her to relate to
numerous situations and her wicked sense of humour allows you to relax and feel at ease with her. All qualities you look for in a coach. I have now taken the steps towards starting an
amazing new career.

Honey Gabriel, Private Equity Consultant

Taking the personal development course was a real eye opener, helping me point out my strengths and weaknesses while allowing me to learn how best to capitalise on my abilities. Teaching me the power of networking and building relationships is a lesson I have started implementing in my workplace, relationships and even in conflict situations. I also learnt a lot about myself and the kind of person I am, learning not to say yes to every opportunity that comes my way therefore not wasting valuable time and keeping my focus on my goals. Thank you for a brilliant, thought provoking session that has impacted my life in a positive way.

Edwin Odojukan, Entrepreneur

Your team building work has changed the way I think and probably my own approach. Your ability to tailor your services to suit the Client and work within their haphazard environment was impressive. It showed how exible and versatile you can be, how much you knew your stuff and how relaxed you were presenting.

Wendy Kettle, Life and Executive Coach

Thank you. The training workshop was really thought-provoking. It has given me new ideas and inspiration.

Fiona Hutchinson, Complete Calm

I found the session with Uzo to be really useful for a number of reasons:

1. Clarity on messaging we use to tell prospects in a simple concise way, exactly what we do. 

2. A useful framework for looking at prospects + clients that makes sense and is above all simple to put into practice. 

3. Reinforcement for some of the good practices we already have and use but possibly don’t put much value on. 

Uzo is so personable, fun and I love the extensive examples and also the chance to talk about our business and get some real value straightaway. Thanks so much! Oh and I would 100% recommend to anyone I know that would benefit.

Shalini Patel, Co-Founder Weave Marketing

I highly recommend Uzo. She is the coach to work with when you feel lost. When you want to put a map in place that will take you on a journey, and that has core milestones that keep you on track. She ignites hope, and the ability to believe, but at the same time she kicks your butt! When I approached Uzo for coaching, I had been unemployed for about 5 months after being made redundant from my job. I felt like I needed clarity. I was in transition, looking for a new role and attending interviews, but at the same time, I had this burning desire to set up my own business. I needed validation that what I was thinking was viable, and reassurance that I still had the ability to build something great after my confidence had been knocked. I stumbled across Uzo on Facebook and I contacted her. We had an initial chat and the reason I decided to hire her was really things that were said during our chat that resonated with where I was, and where I was trying to go and I believed that she’d be able to guide me on the path to achieving what I was hoping to do.

Uzo has taken me from an idea to delivery. Since starting work with her 9 months ago, I now have a team and we have delivered nine large-scale events. We’ve learnt a lot, and have been able to establish a growing reputation in our market. If you want to get things done, work with Uzo and come out with a clear plan of how you want to structure yourself, your business, your goals, your objectives and have a point of accountability.

Vivian Adeleke, S2MTDEvents