Convert Corporate Prospects into Clients

Convert large Corporate Prospects into Clients

You’re a small business or a consultant. You’ve built up a client base, understand what your current customer wants and you know how you can help them. You’re successful at what you do.

But you want more.

What happens when you feel like you have outgrown your current customer pool? You want to serve bigger clients, and win bigger business. But you are scared and not sure if you should rock the boat. After all, things are good.

Or perhaps you want to start your new business straight off the bat by targeting large corporate clients? How do you go about doing that? Where do you start?

In my corporate life, one of the firms I worked for provided services and advise to large corporates on operational risk management. I had moved over from Goldman’s and I was in awe of how this tiny company were busting in the doors of some of the largest trade banks and insurers in the world.

Here are some of the best tips I learned in my time there:

Who are You? – Make sure you know who you are and can articulate this clearly to your target audience, with confidence and integrity. Be honest about who you are. Do not go around saying “we can provide all you need. We are great” and there’s just you. It makes you appear to lack confidence in your abilities.

Imagine you find someone you are attracted to and want to pursue a relationship. Well, no one commits to someone they don’t know or understand. Trying to make out you are bigger than you are will more than likely eliminate you from the list of potential providers.

Everyone started their business being small. There is no shame in it, and in today’s market, being small can be hugely advantageous, depending on what you do – it can mean you are more flexible, less bureaucratic in key decision-making, and that the client is sure the service provider knows exactly what they want because they are speaking with them directly, etc.

Spend time working on your pitch. The 40 Seconds to Mastery speakers tool in my shop will help you put together a world-class pitch that will keep your audience interested in your offer.

Spend time understanding the VALUE that you have to offer. What do they gain by working with you?

Below are a few questions to help you understand your value:

  • What impact do you have on people?
  • What drives you?
  • What experience(s) do you have? How could you apply that knowledge in different situations?
  • What new insights or perspectives can you bring?

Finally, why not write a Q&A about yourself? It helps you prepare answers to common questions that allow you to stay on message whilst still being authentic.

Who are They? – There’s nothing worse than turning up at a potential clients’ premises for a meeting and not knowing anything about them, not being able to offer a solution to their problems or not have good questions to ask them.

Back to the relationship analogy, no one looking to get into a more permanent relationship wants someone who doesn’t find them interesting, or who isn’t interested in really getting to know them better and more deeply.

Same thing applies to business you are ‘courting’. Why do you want to work for / with them? What can you help them do better? Have you anticipated a need they don’t yet know they have?

Show that you have a keen interest in them and really want to add value and they will be more receptive.

Is it time to move? – So, you’ve got all of the above down. How do I get in front of the right potential big fish in the first place I hear you ask?

Well, that all depends on where you are right now. Are you networking and marketing your services where these larger potential clients are? If not, it’s time to move and go where your new tribe is.

Don’t know where to go? Google search is your friend. Do a search for events happening in a given location / targeting a particular audience or market segment, and go there. Push yourself out of your comfort zone.

If you’ve started going to where your tribe are and haven’t managed to garner interest, think about finding yourself an introducer – someone to open doors for you.

Or try making strategic partnerships with others that are operating where you want to be.

Another idea is to call up potential clients and ask to interview them for research purposes. They might never become your client, but you will gain valuable insight into what they want and apply that learning when offering your services to others.

Good luck with your business growth. If you’ve found this article useful, don’t keep it to yourself. Please share it. Also, I would love to hear from you. Ask me questions or make comments below. Thanks!

Until next time, live your purpose passionately.

Uzo x

Augment Business Coaching & Consulting

Uzo Ijewere is a Business Strategy & Emotional Intelligence Coach. She runs Augment Business Coaching, and helps entrepreneurs align their vision with strategy, grow their businesses, and become more profitable. Her purpose is to help entrepreneurs and small business owners build thriving businesses, and corporates to adopt head and heart strategies in the workplace.

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