Lessons from The World Cup

by Uzo Ijewere

I am not a football fan. But when it comes to international football I turn into a total nut! There’s something about the national pride, the sweat, and effort, the desire to win like it’s life and death, that transfixes me.


As always, I take away lessons from everything, I can’t help it.


These are my 5 top lessons from the World Cup that you can apply as a business owner:


1. Take Risks – Southgate was a risk, the team he chose was a risk, the plays were risky. Worked out well eh? What risks could you be taking in your business to create shift/growth?


2. Expect Surprises – Croatia was a huge surprise to us all – did not see that one coming. How about Brazil, Portugal, Germany all being knocked out so early on?? Are you looking ahead? Are you asking your customers and collaborators the right questions? What surprises can you guard against?


3. Build Resilience – Those two plus hour matches were painful to watch. Can you imagine the resilience it takes to keep going? That didn’t just happen. What are you doing to build grit into your business? How are you showing up? Are you being consistent? Are you creating a culture where this is valued?


4. Hold some Reserves – I loved how Jamie Vardy was constantly being brought onto the pitch in the last 15-minutes of the second half. I asked my son why they kept doing that and he said it was because the Manager wanted to keep some talent back to be deployed when it was needed. What do your reserves look like? Are you planning for difficulties and keeping reserves to meet them?


5. Greatness does not intimidate Hunger – I’m back to Croatia now. We all saw how HUNGRY they were for this. Even though they lost to France in the end, they played with daring, and heart and determination and we all left feeling just as proud of them as we did of France. How about you? Are you holding back your fire because you think of yourself as small? There are so many other great companies doing what I do, why should I win the business/ project/ order? Believe that you can punch above your weight!!!


What are your thoughts? How can you apply some of these tips to your business? Which challenges will they shine a light on? Share them below in the comments.


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Uzo Ijewere is a Business and Mindset Coach. She works with and supports female entrepreneurs to align their vision with a strategy to achieve intentional, and intelligent, results.

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