Optimise individual and Team performance
How to optimise performance at work and maintain job quality

Has employee performance been affected by working from home? Research is showing that honestly, it’s too early to know whether working from home has positive or negative impacts on productivity and performance. There are contradicting statistics being reported that support both of those notions. However, the CIPD has stated that “poor job quality is causing…

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Resilient Entrepreneur
How to become a resilient entrepreneur

Guest Post by Ekua Cant.   It is only natural to be fearful about starting a new venture or business. I have taken a solution-focused mindset. I recommend reading the following books, which have really helped me: “Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway”, by Susan Jeffers and “Mindset” by Dr. Carol Dweck.   These two…

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Lessons from The World Cup

by Uzo Ijewere I am not a football fan. But when it comes to international football I turn into a total nut! There’s something about the national pride, the sweat, and effort, the desire to win like it’s life and death, that transfixes me.   As always, I take away lessons from everything, I can’t…

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Rid your Company of its Shame Culture

Rid your Company of its Shame Culture How tackling this hidden emotion may improve productivity and innovation. If a shame culture exists in your company, it’s likely coming from the top. A bold statement? Yes. And a true one. For we model what we see, isn’t that the saying?  If your business is lacking in…

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Working on your Business, not in it | 7 Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Working on your Business, not in it | 7 Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs Why re-invent the wheel? Learn the habits and behaviours that successful female entrepreneurs develop to grow thriving, sustainable businesses. Working on your business rather than in it basically means being strategic and maintaining a top-down management level view. No matter what stage…

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The Question that drives Innovation

Is there an easier way to do this? How often are you asking yourself this question about all that you need to achieve on a daily / weekly basis – “Is there an easier way to do this?”. If the answer is not very often, that needs to change. Why? For starters, this is the…

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The Three C’s for Business Growth

Success is such an emotive word. In some, it conjures up feelings of elation, pride, and power, as they recall all they’ve achieved. In others, it serves only as a reminder of how things didn’t go as planned and brings with it feelings of dejection, failure and anxiety. As with most things in life, the…

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