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5 Tips to Improve your Productivity

5 Tips to Improve your Productivity this week More and more my clients are asking me for help with productivity. “How can I be more effective?” “I’m so overwhelmed, how can I get more done?” If you’re already efficient with your time, then it’s not a matter of getting more done. It’s about prioritising. If…

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3 Things you can learn from Black Friday!

As usual, I have watched the Black Friday campaigns with interest and awe. How has an event attached to a US-based holiday become a staple; no that doesn’t even begin to do it justice – a frenzied necessity, in the United Kingdom and indeed, around Europe? When did Thanksgiving become a thing for us non-pilgrims?…

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The Question that drives Innovation

Is there an easier way to do this? How often are you asking yourself this question about all that you need to achieve on a daily / weekly basis – “Is there an easier way to do this?”. If the answer is not very often, that needs to change. Why? For starters, this is the…

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How to be More Productive in Less Time.

A Helpful Tool to be More Productive in Less Time! I was at a business meeting recently, speaking with a prospect that might hire me to coach with their 70-strong sales staff. In one of the interactions with some members of the team, the discussion turned to feeling overwhelmed by all the things a business/…

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